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Oktoberfest 2011

 Yes, I know, this is way behind, but this semester has been INSANE and my new phone isn't the easiest thing to get pictures off of. Just for anyone's personal edification--stick with the IPhone, all other smartphones SUCK, especially Samsung. Okay, it's fine as a phone, but if you want something that is easy to download pictures and doesn't freeze every time you use the camera, stick with an IPhone.

Anyway. Back in October we headed up to Sundance for Oktoberfest. The kids had so much fun they wanted to go back every day until it was over. However, since I haven't learned how to magically produce money, we only went the once. While it was a blast, it was expensive.
Hyrum jumped on the big bungee trampoline. He LOVED it.
We hung out while the little boys jumped on the big bouncy house. Sorry no pictures of that. Joe took them while we sat and waited.
My cute Porter boy.
Emma, Porter, and Dan had their face painted. They loved it, and it turned out so cute. Emma's was a rainbow. Porter had a shark.
Dan had a spider web with a cute little spider.

Definitely going again next year. Yummy food, fun times, and great music.


Good Mom

I saw this on a friend's blog and just thought, "oh my, maybe I'm not a bad mom afterall." Sorry for not posting, it has been so crazy with the kids starting new schools and starting my semester. Hopefully things will settle soon, and I'll actually get around to posting.



Joe and I went to the U2 concert in Salt Lake this past week. It was fun to be there with Joe, although I admit the experience didn't make me want to go to another concert right away. I mean, I'd go if Joe wanted to but there is just too much standing, too many people being rude, and then the bass line drills your heartbeat for you. I don't know, it's just not my thing, but it was fun to be there with my hubby and we were really close so that was pretty cool!

 The Fray opened for U2.
 Bono and the Edge
The Edge.

Pretty cool show and I know Joe had an absolute blast.


Porter's Graduation

 My little man graduated from preschool. His favorite thing this year was Centers (specifically the Castles). When he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut.
 Styling those glasses.
Ms. Jamee really is the bestest teacher in the whole world!! Dan sure can't wait to be in her preschool next year!

These are only a few of the videos I took that day, but this was all that would fit and they were the ones that were Porter's favorites. I wanted Crazy Color Monsters too but that one was way too long. Happy Graduation Little Joe!! Mom and Dad are so very proud of you.